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  • Individual investors

    Whether you’re new to trading or already a seasoned professional, our market solutions can save you time and increase your success & profitability.

    Portfolio managers

    By constantly monitoring trends across multiple asset groups in the market and utilizing pattern recognition & outlier detection, we’re able to quickly and accurately generate forecast models, detect anomalies, and send signals in under a second - providing a superior advantage while making investment decisions.

  • Algorithmic traders

    Already familiar with the process? Easily integrate some of our strongest models into your brokerage in Python, MQL4/5, & Pinescript languages. (C++ coming soon!)

    Hedge funds

    We’re always on the lookout for ways to generate alpha and provide a competitive advantage. Whether it’s monitoring 10,000 assets or just one - we can quickly provide cutting-edge analytics to help drive performance.

Market analysis from start to end

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Trading Signals

An extensive collection of some of the most reliable algorithmic trading strategies across several languages (Python, MQL4, MQL5, and Pinescript) that can make trading hands-free and more profitable

Asset Forecasting

Detect risks & opportunities ahead of time with our neural network that scans markets at both macro/micro & alpha/beta levels to produce short-medium term price projections for multiple asset groups

Portfolio Automation

Make trading hands-free by automating a portion of your existing portfolio to copy the trades of professional traders in real time, and/or with alpha models that use machine learning to make the best decisions in the market for you

Custom Alpha Development

Interested in creating your own algorithmic strategy to automate your trades? Our quantitative analysts can build your concept into a fully functional alpha model that can easily be integrated into your existing portfolio for live trading. (crypto, FX, equities)

About us

  • Logan Weaver

    Logan Weaver

    Co-founder and CEO

  • Ayush Rautwar

    Ayush Rautwar

    Co-founder and CTO

  • Peter Caspari

    Peter Caspari


  • Robert Eisenlohr

    Robert Eisenlohr

    Quantitative Analyst

Strategic advisors

  • Eric Hadley

    Eric Hadley

    Microsoft, Pintrest, Mission

  • James Barry

    James Barry

    CBS, Chestnut Hill College, Constitution Center

  • Larry Oberfeld

    Larry Oberfeld

    Strategic Notion, Reuters

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